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■Tax accountant/CFPKiyomi Kindaichi
■Office3-5Minami Aoyama,Minato-ku,Tokyo, JAPAN
■Qualifications & License*Registered tax accountant: Japan Federation of Certified Public Tax Accountants’ Associations, Registration No. 06661 
(Subjects passed: – Bookkeeping Theory – Theory of Financial Statements – Inheritance Tax Law- Corporation Tax – National Tax Collection Law)

*CFP : Financial Planner Advanced Qualification CFP :
: by Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd.(FPSB)  Registration No.:J-90084981
(Subjects – Retirement Life Planning, Inheritance – Business Succession- Tax Planning and Real Estate Operation Planning-Risk and Insurance-Financial Asset  Operation Planning)

*National FP Technician Level 1: Kinzai Institute for Financial Affairs (under the
jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)

*MBA Master of International Accounting : Chuo University Professional Graduate School, Kokusen No. 0667
■Position DetailsOur firm provides the following legal, tax, and investment consultations regarding overseas transactions such as:

*Personal overseas assets
*Inbound and outbound support for businesses
*Notification of application of tax treaties (Japan & overseas)
*Transfer pricing documentation
*Global Supply Chain VAT(SCM(Supply Chain Management)
*Consumption tax on e-commerce
* NFTs and cryptocurrencies
*SO, RS stock compensation and financial product design

Work Experience

=Account /Tax/auditor=
*Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
(Now: Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC)
*Tsuji Hongo Tax Corporation
(the head of Shiba Office、Senior Consultant, Inheritance Center, Tokyo Office Daiwa Securities Tokyo Head Office)
*Heian Ceremony Service Co., Ltd. (Appointed as Outside Auditor) “to present’”
*seventh sense group of counsel

=To Education=
*Showa Women’s University, Department of Business Design (Part-time lecturer) “Term of office expired”
*Lecturer at the Tax Classroom (Elementary School) under the jurisdiction of the Regional Taxation Bureau “Term of office expired”

=Introduction of details= I have been engaged in the following tasks:
1.IPO audit and preparation of securities reports and other preparations for listing at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu e.g., market research, business planning, business improvement, and business strategy implementation.
2. Capital management for small business owners
3. Due diligence auditing (financial and legal)
4. Taxation of financial assets and all aspects of personal, corporate and inheritance consultancy
5. Corporate and individual taxation of U.S. real estate
6. International property tax consulting
7. Accounting and taxation of stock compensation plans, and stock option design and taxation at a securities company’s headquarters
8. Internal auditor and auditor of accounting and business operations of listed companies
9. Experience in tax accounting education aimed at students spanning elementary school to university
10. Writing activities
11. Research and commercialization of space business
=social activities=
*In Sri Lanka, I have established an ethical jewelry corporation
*NPO:The activities concerned were social investment in developing countries and other poor countries. Specifically, the NPO invests in social entrepreneurs who are leading independent development in developing countries (mainly in Cambodia), and provides management and technical support to increase the value of their businesses and to nurture them. Instead of providing aid, the NPO lets the company generate profits as a corporation, and from there, the profits are used to contribute to society.
Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau Jurisdiction Conducted tax classes at elementary schools several times a year as a member of the Tax Classroom Education Committee


*Chuo University, Faculty of Law : Department of International Law and Business (Bachelor of Laws)
*Chuo University, Graduate School, Business Accounting School International Accounting Graduate Course :Major: International Accounting
*MBA (Master of International Accounting)
*Keio University, Graduate School of Commerce (Master’s Course)
*CS-C Co., Ltd. 

Research experience

・Evaluation of transfer pricing taxation of intangible assets using the DCF method / Keio University, March 2018
・Taxation of Commercial Activities in Space / Keio University, March 2019
*Legal and Tax on International Inheritance / Miyakezaka International Legal Research Institute, 2022

(Areas of expertise and skills)

My areas of expertise include legal affairs, such as corporate and individual taxation, and corporate accounting. In each of these areas, I have contributed to the company’s performance, with sales and profits increasing by more than 20% each year.
I have a wealth of skills and operational experience, especially in linking theory to practice to the benefit of my clients. I also have experience as a manager, so I possess the skills to identify organizational issues and make recommendations to avoid risks. I am able to work in any industry, and have recently developed skills, particularly in the space business including satellites, securities finance, and the legal affairs and taxation business of international assets of companies with overseas operations, as well as individuals.
My way of thinking comes from outsiders, who are willing to accept things from different perspectives, combine individual events in a three-dimensional way, and convert creative deliverables into economic value for their subjects.

As a result, although I am a practitioner by nature, I am good at creative work that combines individual events in a three-dimensional way to produce results. I believe that the following interests of mine have contributed to this.
Since I come from Amami Oshima Island, my interests mainly concern outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, scuba diving, astronomy, and yoga. In addition, I read a relatively wide range of books covering all genres. I proactively absorb new things quickly, deeply and widely, and make every effort to further expand my knowledge. This explains why I three-dimensionalize the things I have learned from experience, converting the extension into monetary value, and economizing it.
On the other hand, I tend to delve deep and consider things in depth, which can lead to conservative views in my work, and my flexible nature can sometimes lead to the drawback of not being assertive enough.

These are my strengths and weaknesses, but I persevere in everything I do and am confident that I can eventually achieve tangible results.

My prospects and how my experience
can contribute to your the future

Based on my professional experience, I am now practicing under the following guidelines.

I have gained experience at an audit firm preparing for public listings, and am adept at stock option compensation plans, accounting, international taxation, financial planning, corporate analysis, management, governance as a non-executive director of a listed company, and reading and analyzing annual reports and securities reports. These skills have enabled me to perform the financial analysis of companies as part of a corporate health check, and to focus on solving problems by making decisions from an overall organizational perspective, rather than just a numerical one.
Since I have a great deal of experience in securities taxation, I also strive to examine the economic effects that spill over from corporate financial activities, including financial instruments and employee social insurance programs.
In addition, I also provided corporate incorporation services to Hong Kong and other Asian countries, and consulted with business owners on total corporate and individual tax reduction. I have experience as a part-time lecturer at a university, and have studied judicial precedents at the university and at Keio University. I, therefore, have a comparatively good ability to decipher precedents and have many contacts in the international legal field, which gives me an advantage in understanding how to resolve international matters. Ultimately, I am attentive and considerate and try to protect the organization as whole while discovering the potential of each individual staff member.

Based on these qualities, I believe that I can participate in management from all angles, both quantitative and qualitative, and from all areas of economic activity.

At the same time, I believe that I can play a role in the management of the company by clarifying what should be prioritized in terms of social responsibility, such as the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” (SDGs), which the world is trying to tackle.
Finally, despite the increasingly uncertain economic environment, speedy management is required. Amid such circumstances, we are faced with the challenge of how to innovate and transform our business model involving the market.
I am proud of the fact that I have always been able to identify and respond flexibly to changes in the business environment, and I believe that I can continuously propose ideas to help the company respond to the market, as well as other solutions.