About Head Office

■Tax accountant/CFPKiyomi Kindaichi
■Office3-5Minami Aoyama,Minato-ku,Tokyo, JAPAN
■Qualifications & License*Registered tax accountant: Japan Federation of Certified Public Tax Accountants' Associations, Registration No. 06661 
(Subjects passed: - Bookkeeping Theory - Theory of Financial Statements - Inheritance Tax Law- Corporation Tax - National Tax Collection Law)

*CFP : Financial Planner Advanced Qualification CFP :
: by Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd.(FPSB)  Registration No.:J-90084981
(Subjects - Retirement Life Planning, Inheritance - Business Succession- Tax Planning and Real Estate Operation Planning-Risk and Insurance-Financial Asset  Operation Planning)

*National FP Technician Level 1: Kinzai Institute for Financial Affairs (under the
jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)

*MBA Master of International Accounting : Chuo University Professional Graduate School, Kokusen No. 0667
■Position DetailsOur firm provides the following legal, tax, and investment consultations regarding overseas transactions such as:

*Personal overseas assets
*Inbound and outbound support for businesses
*Notification of application of tax treaties (Japan & overseas)
*Transfer pricing documentation
*Global Supply Chain VAT(SCM(Supply Chain Management)
*Consumption tax on e-commerce
* NFTs and cryptocurrencies
*SO, RS stock compensation and financial product design

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Hobby and Private[Everyday]
1-hour walking and reading

Yoga, taijiquan, and creative dish

Climbing (I have climbed Mt.Fuji.) and scuba diving
InterestStudying science such as physics and biology


Career・Chuo University, the faculty of law
・Accounting school of the Chuo University (MBA in international accounting)
・2016- Keio graduate school of Business and Commerce
Licensed・Tax accountant
・FP 1st Grade
My ExperiencesI worked for Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC before becoming a licensed tax accountant (At this office, I was engaged in IPO business for small and medium sized enterprises. After becoming a licensed tax accountant, with this experience, I put strength into IPO services as well as fund policies for our business partner as my main business, in addition to the regular work as a tax accountant In 2000, I immediately started to work on such business as Tax effect accounting and Cashflow Management after the Accounting Big Bang happened I also give high priority to the management and the information transmission of the finance data through the Internet
In 2003, I worked on the IPO business as a standing statutory Corporate Auditor
Audit for the foreign corporation: Boston, Denmark, China